Evergreen Trees

Prunus caroliniana 'Hunter's Compact'

(Hunter's Compact Cherry Laurel)

Mature Size:  15-20' x 10-15'

USDA Hardiness Zone:  7-10  (View Hardiness Zone Map)

Available:  Fall, 2015

Root Pruned:  No

Outstanding Characteristics:  Fast growing evergreen tree for screens. Foliage is smaller and growth habit more compact than the species. Fragrant foliage when crushed. White, fragrant flowers in spring.

Notes:  We selected to propagate this tree based on its compact growth habit, excellent pyramidal form, bright color and resistance to leaf spot.

(View Hardiness Zone Map)

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Hunter Cherry Laurel 5'
(Height: 5-6' | Width: 3-4' | Root Ball: 24 | Weight: 280#)