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Constellation® Dogwood 8′ STD
Cornus x 'Rutcan' (Constellation®)

Constellation® Dogwood 8′ STD

Cornus x 'Rutcan' (Constellation®)

Height Width Root Ball Weight Available
8-9' 3-4' 28 450# Fall 2024
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Additional information

Mature Size: 20-25' x 20-25'

Hardiness Zone: 6a thru 8

Outstanding Characteristics: A hybrid of C. kousa and C. florida developed as part of the Rutgers Stellar Series Dogwoods. Vigorous, upright growth habit. Resistant to powdery mildew and anthracnose. Heavy bloomer after foliage, later in the spring.

Notes: Susceptible to borers, apply a systemic pesticide after transplanting.

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